Nick of Time on Hindsight is Horrifying

A secret Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken movie? We talk “Nick of Time.”

Darth was today years old when she discovered that Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken star in more than one movie together. In one of those movies, Nick of Time, Mr. Smith (Walken) threatens to murder Gene Watson’s (Johnny Depp) little girl unless Watson pulls the trigger on Governor Eleanor Grant during a public speech in a downtown L.A. hotel.

And we have a movie!

This film has everything going for it on paper. You have a handsome leading man racing against the clock. You have Christopher Walken literally stalking that leading man every step of the way on his mission to kill a governor so liberal that everyone and their mom (including her own husband and the guys at the hotel bar) want her dead. Johnny’s only allies are the veteran shoeshine and every single other hotel employee. In Nick of Time, there are countless build-ups with zero follow-through, and despite the stakes and talent that fill this movie to busting, it presents like a TV movie that could have used a few extra commercial breaks.

Darth and Jason enjoyed it nonetheless. But did 2-D Adam Brown have an opinion? More importantly, did Johnny off the governor?? Tune in to find out!

Darth Jader
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