Stripes (1981) on Hindsight is Horrifying

Bill Murray is in the Army now! It’s “Stripes” (1981)!

Oh, my GOD, Mr. Cotter, I want YOU!

What if Cheech and Chong joined the army? We’ll never know for sure, but Stripes gives us a close enough idea when Bill Murray talks Harold Ramis into becoming a grunt in this 80s comedy. John and Russell join the army, mud-wrestling shenanigans ensue, and our would-be heroes get the girls, but can they protect America’s newest super-weapon/shaggin’ wagon? Probably not, but it hardly matters when your main goal in life is to be the sharpest loofah in your platoon ever to graduate basic training.  

Sound off for Stripes!

Darth Jader
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