Child's Play

Prince Humperdinck battled Chucky? It’s Child’s Play (1988)

Yes, Prince Humperdinck battled Chucky, but at least he didn’t have a date with a 6-year-old boy…

It’s officially Halloween, the spookiest and most magical season of them all. And what better way to celebrate the unholiest of high holidays but with the movies that scared us witless when we were younger? That’s right, #Hindsighters, Jason has raised a new challenge from the dead, and your bold podcasters are dredging up the most fearful movies of their formative years for your vindictive entertainment!

Join Darth, Jason, and Adam B. in their foray to the 80s and heyday of the meanest doll of them all, Chucky! The demonic ginger Good Guy Doll has a truly bad side. Download if you dare! Better yet, click the like and subscribe buttons, or we’ll throw you in the fire!

Darth Jader
Darth Jader is a Pirate Queen. She is the co-hostess of the “Hindsight is Horrifying” podcast. She is also “funny, insightful, and sarcastic,” according to her boyfriend, who is currently under duress. You can take the Oxford Comma from her when you pry it from her cold, dead, and lifeless hands. She also speaks Spanish, unlike Ron Burgundy.