Robin Hood

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves: “I’m Gonna Cut Your Heart Out with a SPOON!”

Week 5 and quarantine continues!

Adam B. (the only surviving guest host) calls in this week from his bunker to help Jason rip apart a childhood favorite of Darth’s, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

As we as a society discover the real danger behind the Corona Virus (self/government-inflicted confinement), Darth and Jason brazenly embrace the first step of devolvement: drinking prosecco out of coffee mugs. Don’t worry; it gets so much worse.

The social distancing mandate has shut down nearly all public businesses and schools. As a result, children AND parents are working/schooling/coexisting from home on a constant basis. Adam Brown hasn’t bathed in days and Jason can barely remember how to dress. The only thing Darth can think during this panic-inducing pandemic is, “What a time to be childless.”

Speaking of Quarantine Craziness, who was YOUR first animated Disney crush? They can be human or animal. No judgement in this corner, but extra points to the #Hindsighter who can properly guess which podcaster was enamored with the correct animated character!

Discussing the movie in question has become a problem even in the show notes… *sigh*

In this 90s “epic” starring that guy from Dances with Wolves and Mary Elizabeth Macaroni and Cheese, your favorite podcasters discover that only SOME Robin Hoods are required to speak with an English accent. Oh, and Michael Wincott was DEFINITELY in The Crow.

#Hindsighters, your darling Darth and Jason (along with the guest star that they can’t seem to get rid of), have a rare, shared opinion on this particular film, which is that Alan Rickman made this movie absolutely unforgettable. That’s a difficult feat, considering that God is also in this movie.

In spite of Jason and Adam B. kicking Darth in the teeth over this film (she got so flustered by their Statler and Waldorf heckling that she interchanged the word “rope” for “arrow”), your most beloved podcasters will continue cranking out episodes for your entertainment during the Corona pandemic. Count on it, even when Jason goes full Joe Exotic and threatens to murder that b**** Darth Jader.

Until then…stay tuned, stay safe, and stay sane.

Who rocked the “king-sized mullet” better?
The Tiger King, or the Prince of Thieves?
Darth Jader
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