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Weird Science (1985)

Weird Science : “I Want to Butter Your Muffin!”

#Hindsighters, Darth and Jason know that it’s been a rough couple of weeks for everyone facing the #CoronaVirus pandemic. It’s no fun when the world goes full Outbreak, but don’t let the deadly Motaba monkey on your back get you down! Your favorite podcast is still plugging away with new content, and that’s enough to make anyone smile (or to send Darth and Jason even MORE hate mail).

This week, Darth watches a movie about two nerdy boys with her two favorite nerdy boys! Adam B. joins Jason and Darth in the studio to discuss a bizarre John Hughes film, Weird Science!

There’s nothing like a man in taped up nerd goggles to make all the ladies go wild.

When he’s young and desperate to get laid, what geeky lad wouldn’t stoop to Victor Frankenstein levels to “simulate” himself a girlfriend? Moreover, who cares about the embarrassment of a head brazier when they’re cooking up a smoking hot sorceress girl on their outlandishly expensive 80s computer?

Darth’s burning question is…who wore it better? Just kidding, RDJ all the way.

Just keep in mind, #Hindsighters, that creating the perfect girl with “computer science” is all fun and games until that girl goes full Cat in the Hat and destroys your house by inviting over Mad Max bikers. The bad news is, she won’t stop there. In fact, when your grandparents try to bust up your sick ass 80s house party, your computer simulated girlfriend will freeze those bastards in Suspended Animation and shove them in the pantry.

Needless to say, this super 80s film is a tad random and somewhat polarizing. However, Weird Science does allow viewers to walk down memory lane with quite a few actors that you just don’t see anymore. R.I.P, Bill Paxton.  

Furthermore, Weird Science commits itself to fulfilling the dreams of young male virgins everywhere. In what other world would any adolescent dude find himself blessed with the presence of a girl who has Albert Einstein’s brain, Kelly LeBrock’s body, and insane magical powers?

Weird Science is a crazy ride of a movie, #Hindsighters, and just the kind of distraction that the world needs right now. So grab an Icee and curl up in quarantine as your beloved podcasters simulate a brand new episode.

Darth Jader
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