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Strike Zone (2000)

Prepare yourselves for our most special episode ever, #Hindsighters. Word has gotten out (thanks to Australia) about our little podcast, and, believe it or not, we’ve drawn some Hollywood attention.

This week, Darth and Jason welcome a guest who is the “star” of the movie at hand, Strike Zone. That star is … Adam Brown! Try to curb your enthusiasm; Jason was honestly just getting back at Darth for tricking him into watching Mean Girls the week previous.

Darth works with some nerdy ass boys…

Buckle up for an utterly trashtastic movie you’ve never heard of that holds the world record for most stock footage and boasts a thrilling story line where rival ex-lovers of baby-crazy Rebecca must rescue her from the city of Lost Plot Point.

Strike Zone provides the audience with all the most implausible scenarios you could ever wish for. To that end, if a bad guy won’t stop shooting your Kevlar vest, throw that bitch a ninja star. Bitches LOVE ninja stars! It takes a Hunter S. Thompson level of self-actualization (and a lot of Variant beer) to truly appreciate this type of film. You simply can’t ignore the genuinely creepy and stilted acting of a villain who looks like David Bowie on meth.

If you can find Strike Zone on video CD, you owe it to yourself to follow along as your beloved podcasters critique it. After all, you have to admire a film that runs wild with discrepancies in plot, quality, and basic human logic.

In all seriousness, #Hindsighters, join your favorite podcasters for a first-hand perspective on a movie with the one actor who delivered a believable performance. Don your tube tops, negotiate your black market arms deal, and enjoy the 2000 cinematic classic, Strike Zone!

Darth Jader
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