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Mean Girls (2004)

Mean Girls: “And none for Gretchen Wieners. BYE!”

 #Hindsighters, Jason and Adam Brown make a habit of torturing Darth Jader with their wildly inappropriate humor, so this week, she decided to return the favor by pranking the absolute hell out of them both. Adam went full Don Johnson and Darth is now in the witness protection program, but she regrets nothing.

Michele makes her triumphant return from the debacle that was Halloweentown by choosing a vastly superior movie, Mean Girls, for her second appearance on Hindsight is Horrifying. In her own act of vengeance against Jason, Michele comes swinging out of the starting gate with language that would make even Adam Brown blush, so it’s lucky that he stormed out of the studio after Darth’s pranking antics.

Tina Fey’s remarkably witty first screenplay makes for a delightfully quotable stroll down memory lane, regardless of your current feelings about Lindsay Lohan. Jason makes quite the show of disparaging Mean Girls, but even he can’t complain about the ridiculously hot (though not underage) ladies of this film who encourage his “robust heterosexuality”.

Ultimately, it is difficult to critique the movie that introduced so many of us to Amy Poehler as the “cool mom” and fooled us into thinking that Lindsay Lohan could possibly maintain a sense of wholesomeness alongside her drug habit.

Whether you were a mean girl, a goth artist, or simply too gay to function in high school, Darth and Jason appreciate you all for overcoming your differences to tune in to their podcast, which you can now find on Youtube. So don some pink, pull up your favorite cafeteria chair, and butter your muffin, because our Mean Girls episode is as fetch as it gets.

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