National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Podcast 0146

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: “We’re at the Threshold of HELL!”

#Hindsighters, Darth and Jason realize that you are mourning the ending of the first HIH season. Luckily, for all of you already missing the holidays, your favorite podcasters are going out with a Christmas classic in January. Better yet, they are accompanied by awesome returning guest, Morgan!

This film is arguably one of the most hilarious and relatable Christmas movies in all of cinema history. Christmas Vacation teaches us the valuable lesson that having relatives over for a month-long visit would quickly devolve into The Hunger Games, especially if Katherine burns the turkey again. 

In all seriousness, when Count Rugen’s brother and bitchy Elane Benes are your uptight, yuppie neighbors, adding relatives like Cousin Eddie to equation can make the Christmas season a stressful one to endure.

The best way to survive such a season is to follow this sage holiday advice:

  1. Be sure to constantly chug egg nog out of moosen cups from Wally World.
  2. NEVER hang a realistic Clark Griswold from the side of your house; an idiot will call the cops.
  3. If you’re a plastic, light-up Santa and reindeer set, avoid the Griswold home at all costs.

Jason would argue that Santa could regenerate himself and his reindeer as the supernatural being of Christmas Vacation, but Darth doesn’t want to go there.

Hindsighters, our final thought from this Christmas season is this: Go full Griswold with your Christmas dreams. If you shoot for the moon, you might land in a backyard pool.

Darth and Jason would also like to thank each and every one of their listeners for making this such a successful first year of #HindsightIsHorrifying. Your continued listenership and support mean the world to us, and we could not be more grateful.

And before they get uppity, Darth and Jason would also like to sincerely thank each guest who has helped make these podcast episodes so special and fun. It has been a fantastic 2019, and the trolls best watch out, because 2020 is only going to be better and brighter. This is Hindsight, and good night.

Darth Jader
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