Podcast 0139 The Emperor's New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove – Podcast 0139

The Emperor’s New Groove: “BOOM, BABY!”

Archer Phrasing

#Hindsighters, Darth and Jason thought they would continue to provide some palate cleansing episodes between Halloween and Christmas for your listening pleasure. Mostly, your favorite podcasters hoped they would get the awful taste of Halloweentown and Shivers out of your mouth.

The Emperor’s New Groove forces Darth and Jason to ask, which band is the Halloweentown of music?

  1. Creed
  2. Nickelback
  3. Barenaked Ladies (this is the WRONG ANSWER)

Get excited, #Hindsighters, because our super fan, Katie has returned to discuss the beloved Disney movie where David Spade stars as…DAVID SPADE! But, you know…as a llama. Moreover, Patrick Warburton and Eartha Kitt totally steal the show as the Jack and Karen of The Emperor’s New Groove. John Goodman is supposedly still incredibly bitter about this (he was FINALLY looking forward to upstaging Roseanne).

Darth and Jason cannot stress the importance of this episode enough, listeners. Sting saves the rainforests. More importantly, Jason nearly kills a judge and discovers that John Krasinski was once Tina Turner on a show where Tom Holland now reigns supreme. While these details are shocking, no hindsight horrified Darth and Jason more than the recollection of their first guest host party, held recently at Variant Brewing. There was a precious baby animal and FAR too much discussion of marital aids; your favorite podcast hosts STRONGLY RECOMMEND skipping their next party, unless you’re they’re trolls, in which case…

Darth and Jason would be remiss if they didn’t mention the original vision of The Emperor’s New Groove. Supposedly, this film should have been the next Lion King, yet somehow wound up as the most wildly underappreciated buddy movie of all time, despite what Roger Ebert has to say. Darth and Jason will go to the mattresses on this, just not with marital aids.  

Final thoughts, you ask? You favorite hosts don’t have to think hard about that. Don’t cut Yzma’s song, and NEVER INSULT Kronk’s spinach puffs. Add some extract of llama and enjoy. BOO-YAH.

Darth Jader
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