Fire in the Sky – Podcast 0140

Fire in the Sky: “They took him.”

Excuse me, waiter? I’d like to order an alien movie, light on the aliens and heavy on the trucker caps.

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Prepare yourselves, #Hindsighters. “Old Adam” is back, despite Darth’s vehement protestations. Your favorite podcasters apparently have no other friends. To that end, Darth and Jason have to ask: If someone can’t pass a polygraph, are they worth having as a friend? Regardless, don’t ask Jason or Adam Brown why they might have been acquitted after their own polygraph tests … they could tell you, but then they’d have to kill you.

Speaking of crimes, it’s always awkward to be accused of your best friend’s murder, especially when he’s a dumbass that you left to die in the woods because he’s attracted to pretty lights. It’s even more awkward when you have to explain this situation to James Garner and his tape recorder. Darth and Jason don’t mean to be harsh, but WHO WALKS TOWARD THE LIGHT?!?


The working theory is that Travis Walton’s Levi’s were so tight that they must have disrupted his brain function. That’s the only explanation for him going full Leeroy Jenkins towards a UFO. The lesson here is that no one wants to be probed by an alien or a parasite, so never go into the woods or a high scale condo alone. If you do find yourself in either environment, avoid wild edibles at all costs.

Darth and Jason pity the foolish alien that attempts to capture any of their Australian listeners, but in the unlikely case that you are abducted, be sure to contact Jason immediately upon your return; he doesn’t wear a bolo, but he will be there to comfort you with a Snickers and some boxer shorts.

Darth Jader
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