Disney’s Aladdin (1992) – Podcast 0137

Aladdin – 10,000 Years Will Give You SUCH A CRICK IN THE NECK!

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Welcome to the episode where our guest has such vast knowledge of the wonderful world of Disney that we couldn’t limit our discussion to just this episode’s content. Thank Variant Brewing for luring Kara to town; she traveled from out of state to drink your beer (and supposedly to guest on our podcast).

Feel free to blame our lack of focus during this episode completely on Darth; she misplaced her Aladdin VHS tape, which is the only acceptable medium for viewing this film. Subsequently, there was no movie playing while we recorded this episode, and our ADD raged out of control. However, we more than make up for our lack of direction by singing parts of your favorite songs from Aladdin.

It’s safe to say that we all remember every aspect of Aladdin, including the second song number that actually doesn’t include Robin Williams. This very song taught us at a young age that OG Madams will smack a street rat with a broom without hesitation if he disturbs her hookers.

Listeners, if you didn’t know already, you might be interested to find out that the mythical Robin Williams plays more than one character in this childhood favorite; his ability to develop and embody so many characters blows our minds to this day.  

To that end, we have to mention the incredible Jim Cummings, who is every cartoon character in every animated movie that’s ever happened. He also happens to play two different characters in Aladdin. From there, add a Disney prince who is an amalgam of Tom Cruise/Michael J. Fox and throw in a magic carpet; no wonder everyone and their mom adores this 90s classic.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to discuss Disney without also mentioning the infamous Michael Eisner, who thought he could compare to the likes of Walt by appearing with the Muppets in his weak sauce attempt to become a household name. Psh. Freaking Eisner could never hang with the likes of the great Robin Williams. And we know you weren’t wondering, but the douche Lord Farquaad was TOTALLY based on Michael Eisner. We’re not bitter.

We realize that our discussion went all across the page in this episode, but we determined some interesting things in the process:

  1. The Notre Dame projection is preferable to hologram clowns ANY DAY. Circus clowns that can disappear and reappear at will are the new waking nightmare.  
  2. Kara’s husband and Jason are total drunk shoppers. How else do you wind up with a Gene Hackman portrait and more VCRs than televisions?

Listeners, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed this romp through the vibrant streets of Agrabah to Galaxy’s Edge and beyond. We know we may have frustrated you with our inability to focus on the movie, but at least you learned some fun new facts on this journey with us. If not, we couldn’t care less, and we can’t do any more damage around this popsicle stand, but you’ll always be princes to us. Made you look.

Darth Jader
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