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Halloweentown – Podcast 0128

Halloweentown: “Being Normal is Vastly Overrated.”

Cary, Darth loves you more than anything (But don’t tell Josh). #ElwesIsOurKing

Welcome to the first episode of our Halloween series! In this Disney original, we join a brand new guest, Michele, to discuss the story of a powerful witch as she guides her innocent granddaughter down the path of the mysterious and demonic.

In this film, Aggie Cromwell has a pet purse that is clearly the bastard child of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag and the Monster Book of Monsters. #Hindsighters, we always thought that our grandmas simply didn’t want us to rifle through and subsequently disorganize their purses; now we know that they were all smuggling pentagrams and fetish dolls. 

More incredible feats of costuming from #DragonCon2019

Shockingly, Jason hates this movie even more than Clueless, so he distracted himself with our latest studio toy. Oh yes, listeners, we’ve given Jason the power of sound effects, and Darth regrets everything.

In other and utterly superfluous news, Jason will henceforth be known as The Occurrence. He’ll be updating his social media handles accordingly and getting some trashy tattoos.

Despite the fluffy nature of Halloweentown, Darth and Jason took away some important lessons:

#DragonCon is Darth’s highest of holy holidays. We are all Negan.
  1. Britney Spears is grocery store music; she has gone the way of the hair scrunchie.
  2. Selling your soul to a warlock for good looks is a legit way to go if it lands you date with a witch.
  3. Transforming a dead chicken to a live chicken inside a refrigerator is the ultimate prank.

In the Lion King, Mufasa tells Simba that “When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass.” Halloweentown, however, leaves us hanging with a deeply ecumenical and existential question: When we die, do we go to Halloweentown? Because for Jason, being eaten by antelope might be a preferable option.

Regardless of their empirical dilemmas, Darth and Jason have to give mad props to Princess Leia’s mom. Aggie is far too powerful to be defeated by a crappy warlock who roofies people with light-up Poke Balls, even if she cheats on occasion to make spells with Ramen noodle magic.

Get excited #Hindsighters, because Darth and Jason look forward to spending their first Halloween season with you. Steel yourselves for plenty of dark humor and a surprisingly diverse selection of movies, because we’re comin’ at ya. Hindsight, OUT.

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