Hindsight is Horrifying 0121 Animaniacs

Animaniacs – Podcast 0121

Animaniacs! Hellllooooooo, NURSE!

It’s a momentous episode, listeners, because @Darth_Jader_ and Jason Mitchell welcome their first male guest who isn’t named Adam! But that makes us sound cooler than we are, because this guest is also from our Shakespeare Troupe, a.k.a our only group of friends.

We joined our non-Adam acquaintance, our Don Jon, Randy Bampfield, this week to discuss Animaniacs and stroll down memory lane to visit other beloved childhood programming.

Who knew a cartoon could be such an eccentrically outlandish variety show? We’re just grateful that it’s nothing like The Brady Bunch Hour. Not even the Brady family had the Wheel of Morality, and they never even TRIED to take over the world.


Some of you who love Animaniacs are too young to remember President Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall back in the day, and it shows. We’ll get over it, however, because we’ve got much bigger things to worry about, like Quentin Tarantino directing a Star Trek movie. Wubba Lubba Dubb Dubb!

Which Batman was better? Either way, we’re psyched to announce that we finally found a show that definitively proves Jason’s theory that ANY show or movie can be improved by the presence of the Dark Knight.

On this episode, we reminisce about the 80s, when America only watched cartoons starring animal/humanoid hybrids. We’re aware that you young’uns born after the 80s don’t know what Vertical Hold or Laser Discs are. Feel free to see yourselves out.  All that to be said, Wendy and Marvin were the Scrappy-Doo of the Super Friends. Fight us.

What is your policy on watching nudity with your parents? Our only conclusion is that it’s awkward to watch risqué movies with the people who used to sing you Captain Kangaroo songs when you were a small child. Do with that what you will.

If nothing else, listeners, do you yourselves the favor of furthering your knowledge of our awesome guest, the talented Randy Bampfield. He doesn’t have a gun to our heads, or anything. Just go see his shows if you want to make sure that we live to podcast again.

We’ll leave you with these scintillating final thoughts:

  1. Tom Kenny is reaching Jim Cummings and Mark Hamill levels of ubiquity in the voiceover world.
  2. HD killed the special effects of older movies. 
  3. T.A.R.D.I.S costumes should NEVER be mentioned lightly.
  4. Darth should stop inviting boys on this show.

Until next time, weirdos. Hindsight OUT.

Darth Jader
Darth Jader is a Pirate Queen. She is the co-hostess of the “Hindsight is Horrifying” podcast. She is also “funny, insightful, and sarcastic,” according to her boyfriend, who is currently under duress. You can take the Oxford Comma from her when you pry it from her cold, dead, and lifeless hands. She also speaks Spanish, unlike Ron Burgundy.