It! (1990) Part One – Podcast 0119

Beep Beep, Richie!

This week in It, we find that Tim Curry is the Robin Williams of the horror genre. Regardless, Jim Carrey still has him beat when it comes to prosthetic teeth.

Welcome to the first ever two-part episode of Hindsight is Horrifying, where we flip the script and discuss our very first “horror” movie!

Regardless of how It has aged (*cough* BADLY *cough*), we stand by the fact that Pennywise is the OG killer clown from outer space, so all of you posers out there can stay seated alongside the not-real Slim Shadys. But seriously, guys, remember the old days of playing outside before all the rapists and killer clowns came along?

On this oddly humorous episode about a blood-thirsty clown demon, @northfoggy and @Darth_Jader_ are delighted by the company of Young Adam (not to be confused with “Old Adam” or “Really Old Adam”). Listeners, we may have a problem. How many Adams are too many Adams? Does it make a difference if we met them in a Shakespeare group? We can only hope that Neil Degrasse Tyson has come up with an algorithm for such things.

Along with the excitement of a brand new guest, Jason lauds us with a tale of his journey to Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. And, in case you haven’t heard, this incredible new installment of the Disney Universe includes a character invented by one of Darth’s oldest friends! True story! Delilah S. Dawson, famous author and general badass, created the character of Vi Moradi, who you can read about in Phasma and actually meet at Galaxy’s Edge! But you’ll have to beat Darth Jader there, and she can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

IT forces us to ask an important question: If the Murtaugh’s house was just around the corner from the sewer of Georgie’s demise, where was our favorite cop buddy duo during this time of crisis in Derry? DAMN IT, RIGGS!

And speaking of multiverses, teenyverses, and the like, Billy Madison and It have more in common than you might know. Our personal multiverse theory is that the clown from Billy Madison takes a nasty fall and sustains a head injury which transforms him into Pennywise. #trademarked

We have many general observations after this particular episode:

  1. Comas can be cured by bike rides.
  2. For all the murders and dismemberment in It, at least the pharmacist is nice, unlike the evil druggist in It’s a Wonderful Life.
  3. Some of you lucky listeners still don’t understand the skill it took to live in a time before the “previous” button on TV remotes, and it shows.
  4. A large rock will kill nearly anyone (including Rick and Summer). It turns out, you don’t need an inhaler or silver pellets to commit clown murder. 
  5. Jonathan Brandis and John Ritter were awesome.

Ultimately, the real mystery remains: besides the temptation of @DragonCon and girls, how could It lure you into a sewer? We have to know. Blow us up on the Countenance Novel, Tweeter, or a relevant social medium.  Listeners, we’ve had a lot of fun tonight. But despite our funny remarks and nonchalance, don’t think we haven’t taken this episode seriously. We know that many of you are dealing with past trauma and abuse that just might be surfacing in your adult minds, but don’t think you’re alone. Reach out. If you need help, please consult our most trusted advisor, Repressed Memory Emily. She may not remember anything you say, but she’s always there to listen.

Darth Jader
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