A long time ago, in a suburb far, far away…

It was the summer of 2018 and a dark time in Alpharetta, GA. Jason Mitchell and Darth Jader hadn’t met each other yet, but that was about to change. Fate got organized and decided it was high time to direct Darth and Jason each other’s way in the most awkward and unnatural way possible: Community Theater (not to be confused with the show Community, which Jason won’t shut up about).

The summer was ungodly hot and humid, yet, Darth and Jason thought it would be a good idea to join a Shakespeare in the Park troupe; costumes and makeup were involved and discomfort abounded. At one point, Darth actually hosted a Shakespeare show as Stephanie Harvey, a parody character of Steve Harvey (she’ll see herself out).

Amid the din of summer shows and enthusiastic Shakespeare performers, two incredibly cynical voices cut through the crowd and found their counterpoint in one another. You guessed it, listeners; Darth Jader and Jason Mitchell, the two most surly and bitter people in the history of the ever ever, became friends. When they look back on it, their alliance was inevitable (mostly because none of the cool kids wanted to sit with them), and the adventures unfurled from there.

Jason and Darth bonded over a mutual hate for everyone around them along with a shared love for Eddie Izzard, Bob’s Burgers, Archer, and, possibly most importantly, Rick & Morty (despite Katie and Adam’s horrible taste in entertainment). Their general eccentricity and overall disparagement of their surroundings led Darth and Jason to create a podcast called #HindsightisHorrifying, which you’ve obviously heard of because it’s the greatest show that’s ever happened.

Together, on a (nearly) weekly basis, Jason and Darth gather in their tiny studio to record podcast episodes featuring movies and TV shows from their childhoods that possess hidden gems of adult humor. Sometimes the episodes don’t feature hidden adult humor, so Darth and Jason just nerd out with fun facts and stories; they do what they want.

Their podcast travels have introduced Darth and Jason to some incredibly interesting and remarkably weird people. Some of those people have helped create beautiful memories while others have caused indelible mental damage (each of you knows who you are).

All that to be said, your beloved Jason and Darth have big plans, listeners. They have big plans, indeed. So buckle up and settle in, because you’ve been conscripted into one of the strangest theater/podcast/collectives of all time. Ready for hints about our future projects? Too bad…you’re not getting any.

Darth Jader
Darth Jader is a Pirate Queen. She is the co-hostess of the “Hindsight is Horrifying” podcast. She is also “funny, insightful, and sarcastic,” according to her boyfriend, who is currently under duress. You can take the Oxford Comma from her when you pry it from her cold, dead, and lifeless hands. She also speaks Spanish, unlike Ron Burgundy.