Podcast 0102 – Shrek

The beloved movie with Austin Powers as an ogre and Axel Foley as a donkey: Shrek.

On episode 2 of Hindsight is Horrifying, Jason and I (@Darth_ Jader_) explore the movie that actually inspired this horrendous podcast. Upon reviewing this movie, Jason and I also have to move past the fact that both Mike Myers (Love Guru) and Eddie Murphy (Spice Girl knock-ups/transvestite prostitutes) have essentially disappeared from Hollywood even after all their (mostly) successful movies.

That being said, Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) is the nightmarish tool who tortures personified cookies. But does that surprise anyone? I mean, Duloc is just Disney World run by a tiny Hitler who steals the Facebook logo and uses it for his own personal branding.

Surprisingly, this “kids’ movie” touches on sensitive subjects like segregation and body image. Fairy tale creatures are facing tough times all around. You guys, Peter Pan actually SELLS Tinker Bell and *spoiler alert* Mama Bear gets murdered and turned into a RUG!

On a lighter note, Cameron Diaz is both ugly and pretty…based on your fetish. And Jason informs me that Shrek was originally supposed to be livin’ in a van down by the RIVER! 

Ultimately, the question to answer at the end of this particular DreamWorks movie is this: Is it okay to kiss a dead person? Find out on this week’s edition of Hindsight is Horrifying. Did I just refer you back to our site while you read an episode description on said site? You’re damned right I did…

Darth Jader
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